Regardless of the education level of any person. There are some practical methods that we teach on this pillar that are useful to achieve the objective and transcendent Knowledge. The word “Knowledge” derives from knowing, not from believing. Experimentation is the fundament of the Conscious Science. We teach:

Meditationastral projection, concentration, retrospection, transmutation of cosmic forces among other techniques


The inner energies are the source for the different types of creations: Mental energy crystalizes on writings, designs, and paintings. The emotional energy from the musician effects beautiful melodies just as verbal expression does when transmitting knowledge. The creative sexual energy is the origin of life. It is fundamental to value all of these energies and learn transmutate them into new forces and creations of a superior order within ourselves.  Wise and transcendent sexuality enables us to regenerate ourselves and create the Superior Existential Bodies of Our Inner Being  by means of Sexual Transmutation so that we can have a representation in the different dimensions of nature. 


The Observation of Oneself  allows to verify the concrete fact of a multiplicity of defects of   psychological nature that we carry within ourselves. Each psychological defect traps a portion of the Being´s Essence that keeps him from manifesting with freedom and balance.In order to reach the Real Identity it is necessary to rescue it from our defects. We teach the technique called Psychologycal Death. (Click here to learn the technique of Psychological Death) With this technique a person can get to comprehend progressively his/her particular psychological defects until releasing the consciousness that was enjailed on them resulting on the awakening of the consciousness.


The work upon oneself awakens forces of a superior order in the inner world, like the altruism, or capacity of Serving Others without expecting anything in return. This knowledge and its tools are delivered with non-profit purposes, race discrimination, beliefs nor seeking for followers. We perform this work voluntarily.

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